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Cauvery Nisarga Dhama

Madikeri 27kms. Kushalnagar - 3kms, Mysore - 95kms. Bangalroe -220 Mangalore - 170kms.

Which is one of the famous tourist spot of the state. When Cavuery enters Mysore, just tow kms away from Kushalnagar. This place had to be reached by undergoing the thrilling experience of crossing a hanging bridge. On this Island the State Forest Department has created a Deer park called Nisargadhama. There are many cottages put up here for tourists witheating facilities Thsi is a beautiful sopt for whose who wish to enjoy a quietholiday amidst natural surroundings.

Boating in the river is a special pleasure. The sound of chirping birds and the swinging Cauvery aro7und is soothing to the soul. There are a number of buses to reat the spot from Mysore and Bangalore and also somwarpet and Madikeri.

Golden temple

This comprises of two universities and two monasteries and is inhabited by Tibetian Monks. This is situated near kushalnagar, 40 Kms from Madapur and known as "Byle Kuppe". Bylukuppa, a nearby village of Kushalnagar (belongs to Mysore district) houses refugees from Tibet. Although refugees, Tibetians have kept their culture and heritage intact.

Tourists can witness their way of life, architecture; even taste Tibetian dishes and Tibetian handicrafts are also available. Regular buses operate from Kushalnagar to Periyapatna via Bylukuppa.


Another picnic spot near Kushalnagar on the banks of river Cauvery. Elephant Training camp belonging to forest department is situated here and they allow you to feed and bath the elephats. River Cauvery comes under Mahasheer fishing area, supported by Coorg Wild Life Society. This island situated near Kushalnagar is not connected by public transport. Hire a taxi from Kushalnagar

Chickle Dam

Chiklihole reservoir in Coorg is located in between Madikeri and Kushalnagar and is roughly around 15 kms from Kushalnagar and Madikeri and the bonus is, it’s near to Dubare. Chicklihole (chick-lee-holay :-) ) Dam is not among the best tourist spots in Coorg as there is nothing to astonish you, (but its just me, you might have a different opinion). But it’s definitely a nice and calm picnic spot. Spending the afternoon until dawn here would be a better idea as it gets too hot till noon and there is no shade to protect you from the hot sun and it's advised to take your food and snacks along as there are no shops around. Moreover, the best time to visit would be during monsoon and winter i.e from June to March as there will be more water in the dam. The best part at Chicklihole is the sunset. It’s really an amazing place to view the sunset amidst the Kaveri River and greenery around.

Abbi Falls

About 8 Kms from Madikeri is the beautiful waterfall and picnic spot, where the Abbey cascades 70 ft down to flow as a small river. A path through coffee and cardamom plantation off the main road adds to the attraction of the perennial waterfall. Enjoy the gushing, roaring beauty but a desire to take a dip in the cool waters may prove to be risky.

Harangi Dam

A reservoir with picturesque spot is one of the main attractive tourist centre at a distance of 9 kms from Kushalnagar. Best season to visit is between August and December. Private buses are available or you can hire a taxi from Kushalnagar.

Tala Cauvery

From Madikeri 52Km, Kushalnagar 82km, Mysore 1723km Bangalroe 312Km, Mangalore 172Km

One of the prominent pilgrimage centre in Koadagu. Talacauvery is the place of origin of the river Cauvery amidst enchanting hely settings. It is 8 kms from Bhagamandala and 46km from Madikeri. Nesting at the foot of the Brahmagiri and suroounded by jungle. Cauvery is variously called as Lokapavanee, Lopanudra, Dakshina Ganga. Talacauvery is also called Modal 'Cauvery' at theis place.

Raja Seat

Raja Seat - Madikeri: From Kushalnagar - 30kms, Bangalore 260Kms Mangalore 140kms

This is a beautiful garden of seasonal flowers and afountain, overloc valley and ,eamderomg roads. In the yesteryears. the raja's of Coorg evening at his vinatae point watching spectackular sunsets beyond t Ghats. That is how the place came to known as Raja's Seat.

Om Kareshwara Temple

This temple built by Lingaraja in 1820 is a perfect blend of Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Siva, and the Siva Linga brought from Kashi (Varanasi) has been installed here. Legend has it that the king built the temple to absolve himself of his wrong doings.


This is a well known pilgrimage centre situated at a distance of 39 kms from Madikeri. Bhagamandala is on the banks of the confluence of three rivers, Cauvery, Kannike and the sub terranian Sujyoti, popularly known as "Triveni Sangama". The famous Sri Bhagandeswara temple is located here. A large number of tourists visit Bhagamandala particularly during the Thula Sankramana jatra and the entire Thula month(October-November).


From Kushalnagar - 30knms. Mysore - 120kms Bangalore - 260 kms. Mangalore - 140kms

There are two royal tombs in this place. In one fo them VeerarajeMdfra and his wife Maha Devammaji were buries. The other tomb is that of Lingarjendra, the former's younger brother. It was built by his son Chikkaveerarajendra. There are smaller tombs of priest Rudrappa and officers like Biddanda Bopu and Somayya. They are impressivedomed structures with windows made out of bronze.

Irupu Falls

This refreshing Irupu Falls is situated at a distance of 48 kms from Virajpet on the way to Nagarhole. The Shiva temple here is said to have been dedicated by Lord Rama himself on the banks of River Lakshmanatheertha a tributary to the river Cauvery. This place is believed to cleanse one's sins and is visited by thousands of devotees from far places on Shivaratri day. There is temple dedicated to Sri Ram, surrounded by paddy fields, from where it is a climb up to the falls through natural forest.

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